Muzzleloader Hunts

Guided Muzzleloader Elk & Deer Combo Hunts

If you like to hunt black powder then you would love our Muzzleloader Elk and Deer Combo hunts. They are not remote hunts but the GMU units that we do hunt are very productive and full of Elk. Each morning we drive to our hunting areas and hunt on foot mostly behind closed gates. We cover a lot of ground everyday but it ALWAYS pays off!

  • Muzzleloader-Elk-Hunt 2016
  • Muzzleloader-Hunt-Remote-Camp 2016
  • Muzzleloader-Roosevelt-Opening-Day 2016
  • Muzzleloader-Roosevelt-Remote-Hunts 2016

We know where these local herds of Elk are all the time, not too far from where we live. So we watch them year round. This season starts the 1st week of October each year in the middle of rut. These Elk are bugling so it’s not too hard to locate and move in on them. This is a 5 to 7 day Elk hunt depending on hunter’s choice. We also have a late Muzzleloader Elk hunt November 24th thru December 15th. This is another great hunt with the snow on the ground and Elk are herding up for the winter. Early season and late season are both great hunts for black powder.