What to Bring

Gear List

Please find the suggested items below to bring on your hunt with us. Please be advised this is only a guideline to follow assuring your comfort and safety while on your hunt. We would also like to inform you that limiting your gear weight is essential on this trip, as we will be packing all gear on mules into camp. Please do not bring excess of these items. We are looking forward to seeing you this fall.


2 sets camouflage (pants, shirt)

1 pair jeans

1 wool or fleece heavy coat

1 pair wool or fleece pants

6 T-shirts/underwear

6-12 pair socks

2 pair insulated/waterproof hiking boots

1 pair camp shoes

2 pair long underwear

2 pair gloves

2 hats

1 washcloth/towel

1 set rain gear

1 belt or suspenders


Complete Personal Toiletries

Hunting Gear

1 sleeping bag (quality a must, at least a 0 degree rating, lightweight preferred)

1 Space blanket 1 Fanny or backpack

1 gun 1 Cigarette lighter/matches

1 Box ammo 1 Pair binoculars

1 knife 1 roll of duck tape

1 compass

1 flashlight w/extra batteries (headlamps are very handy)

1 camera with film Game bags (not needed if we use our methods, please inquire)

1 canteen or water bottle

1 Small first aid kit

Please: bring quiet hunting gear, fleece and wool work the best